The Strange Promise of a Genuine Squirrel Coat

By Judith Freeman / Published March 25, 2017 – Los Angeles Review of Books I ONCE OWNED a dress I loved so much that every time I wore it, I felt like an actress in a French New Wave film. The dress was red, a perfect Titian red, with a close fitting bodice and full skirt,…

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Utah Public Radio – Interview – Podcast

At twenty-two, Judith Freeman was working in the LDS Church-owned department store in the Utah town where she’d grown up. In the process of divorcing the man she had married at seventeen, she was living in her parents’ house with her four-year old son, who had already endured two heart surgeries. She had abandoned Mormonism,…

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Salt Lake City Weekly: Essential Picks for Tuesday June 28

TUESDAY 6.28 Judith Freeman: The Latter Days Memoir may be a common literary form, and around these parts, it may seem that there’s a new memoir every day or so about growing up in—and often alienation from—the LDS Church. But there’s a uniquely contemplative quality to Judith Freeman’s The Latter Days, which chronicles a life…

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