Family Attractions

Family Attractions


“In this dizzyingly beautiful collection, Judith Freeman proves there are no ‘ordinary people.’  Her prose is familial but made entirely of magic.  Her place is by Josephine Humphreys, Alice Hoffman, Jayne Ann Phillips.  It was an honor to read this book.”

- Carolyn See


“Judith Freeman’s stories are so honest and genuine, her voice so simple and direct, that I felt included in all the world she brings to life in her first collection.  There is variety to her work and a generosity to her vision of human life that made it a pleasure to be with her characters.  The Mormon stories are especially interesting and touching.  This is a strong collection, full of writing that asks only that the reader get comfortable and listen to a real storyteller---and the reader will be richly rewarded.

- Laure Furman


“You can add my voice to those in praise of Family Attractions.  It’s clear and sharp and bracing as a cool spring day, though Ms. Freeman is obviously not afraid of the dark, either.  It’s good to see that contemporary fiction’s late dive into the merely glittering hasn’t changed the fact that there are good, strong writers out there who are interested in the truth.”

- Richard Bausch


“A wonderfully consistent and strong collection of short stories.  From page to page, a reader ricochets with the knowledge that nothing like a family can generate such great and profound sadness.

- The Washington Post


“Judith Freeman’s stories are remarkable for their direct, straightforward accounting of convoluted feelings of love and resentment, admiration and suffocation.”

- Atlanta Journal & Constitution


“Freeman’s eye is steady.  She has a terrific knack for revealing lively treasures beneath the surface of things.”

- Cleveland Plain Dealer